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Sembach Cisis12 Zertifikat

Management system for complete documentation and security

IT and information security play a large role at Sembach Technical Ceramics. For this reason, we were certified in accordance with ISIS12 for the first time in 2019, which guarantees the complete documentation and protection of all security-related data. In November 2022, recertification followed according to the enhanced standard CISIS12 and put even more weight on C for compliance. This includes the information security requirements resulting from overriding contractual and legal requirements. In addition, aspects of physical information security have been included in the new version of the standard, i.e., access regulations, the definition of security areas, and the structural, technical, and organizational measures which result from this.

The certification process comprises twelve individual steps. The most important are:

  • Creation and updating of a corporate guideline for information security
  • Raising the awareness of employees
  • Analysis of critical business processes and risk assessment
  • Establishment of an internal information documentation structure
  • Continuous review and evaluation

The first ceramics company with CISIS12 certification

We have decided to tackle the complex certification according to ISIS12 at the end of 2017. By March 2019, the ISMS team, in close collaboration with an external information security officer, prepared an information security policy, password policies, an IT handbook, and emergency management guidelines. With the completion of the certification audit, we are the only company in the industry that has an ISMS certificate according to ISIS12 and thus demonstrably guarantees its partners and customers the highest level of data security. The recertification according to CISIS12 shows that we are consistently developing our data and IT security and keeping it up to date.

Continuous self-optimization

We attach great importance to the continuous improvement of internal processes with the involvement of all employees. Our employees have their awareness raised and are trained in how to deal with valuable information for the company in regular information security briefings and training sessions.

Special software, developed in cooperation with the ISIS12 security cluster, shows where further optimization measures must be carried out. This helps us to structure our processes better, document them, and identify the potential for improvement.

Visit our media center where you can download the certificate.

Sembach Cisis12 Zertifikat
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