Press releases

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2018-09-PR certification IATF.pdf

Sembach receives IATF 16949 certification

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2017-02 PR A100 alumina.pdf

Press release: A100 - The ideal material for components exposed to heavy wear in textile machines

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2017-01 PR silicon nitride.pdf

Press release: Top class high-performance ceramics

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2015-02 PR prototype manufactu.pdf

Prototype manufacturing and small batches made of technical ceramics

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2014-02 Rosetta Mission.pdf

Special development with the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research: unbreakable ceramic in important detectors

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2014-01 PR hannover fair 2014.pdf

Decorative ceramic as an eye catcher at the Hannover Messe

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2013-01 PR energy concept.pdf

Sembach advances its commitment to climate protection

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2012-06 PR backlit ceramics.pdf

Complex shaping allows for high-quality components

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2012-05 PR hybrid-components.pdf

Complex shaping through ceramic injection molding

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2012-02 PR DIN50001.pdf

Sembach certified in accordance with the latest energy standards

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2012-01 wall thickness.pdf

A razor-thin advantage creates new opportunities

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Certificate ISO-9001 EN.pdf

Certificate ISO 9001 - quality management

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Certificate IATF-16949 EN.pdf

Certificate IATF 16949 quality management

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Certificate-ISO-14001 EN.pdf

Certificate ISO 14001 - environmental management system

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Certificate OHSAS-18001 EN.pdf

Certificate OHSAS 18001 occupational safety

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Certificate-ISO-50001 EN.pdf

Certificate ISO 50001 energy management system

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Sembach information external.pdf

Safety informations for visitors and external companies.

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Sembach company policy.pdf

Download our company policy.

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Breviary e-book.pdf

The breviary of technical ceramics.

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sembach jubilee document.pdf

Here's our green jubilee document.

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Sembach Umweltguide DE.pdf

Our environmental guide (german version).

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