The production process of Technical Ceramics


The whole production process is highly complex – one that only extensive experience can master.

The entire production process for the manufacturing of Technical Ceramics is very complex. Extensive experience is required to ensure that it is managed safely.

As a result, most of our machinery such as pressing units and integrated finishing plants – as well as the new Dorst presses – have been specially developed and produced in-house. Pressing tools and other machinery are made in our own tool design and construction department.

Because the range of ceramic materials is so varied, it is essential to guarantee perfect shaping of each component. Customized products can be integrated into existing technology for small or large batch production runs, allowing the manufacture of simple and most complex components. Thermal treatment, hard machining or surface coating is also possible.

We use different shaping methods:

  • Dry pressing
  • Extrusion
  • Ceramic injection molding (CIM)
  • Rapid Prototyping

This allows an efficient solution for almost any task ensuring an ideal price-to-performance ratio.

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