Micro-injection molding

Micro-injection molding process for very small components

mikrospritzguss bei sembach

The micro-injection molding process is suitable for micro parts, for example in medical device technology. Micro-injection molding is used to describe the production of components whose weight is approximately between 0.01 and 0.5 grams. A very small injection unit is used to measure, process and monitor small quantities of material.

The very small injection unit is integrated in the injection molding machine instead of the normal size unit. In micro-technology, a piston press is used instead of the usual worm shaft. This piston is so small that it can transport very small amounts of material.

Reliable processes

It is important to monitor the process, which would not be possible with micro-injection molding on a normal injection molding machine. The resolution is too coarse to measure injection pressures, injection volumes, etc. With the small injection unit, it is possible to resize the minimal piston movements and thus measure and monitor these small quantities. This is how Sembach ensures process reliability for the micro parts.

Some typical micro parts made using micro-injection molding are miniature bushings for pacemakers or tips for endoscopes for minimally invasive procedures.

mikrospritzguss bei sembach
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