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16. July 2015

Surveillance audit


Surveillance audits build confidence and provide security during the period between the recertification audits of the respective management systems.

Sembach Technical Ceramics is certified for quality management, environment and energy management as well as for occupational safety.This year’s audit indicates that Sembach is on the right path. The requirements for the respective management systems were properly fulfilled. And, last but not least, all our employees are playing an important role in ensuring that Sembach is continually improving.

In the area of energy management, the auditors were particularly impressed by the success of our search for potential savings. This yielded results within a short period of time after the certification 2013. In just a few months, Sembach was able to significantly reduce its use of energy and, in turn, the impact on the environment. The new energy data collection module was also well received. This allows energy consumption to be more precisely assigned and also uncovered further potential savings.

Under occupational safety, the movement training by external physiotherapists that Sembach offered for health care of its employees was evaluated positively. With regard to quality management, all processes from customer inquiries to delivery of goods were carefully examined. The auditors highly estimated the cleanness of the individual production areas.

The integrated management system was also seen as a potential area for improvement. It was recommended that the system could be further developed to more effectively evaluate our internal data collection and be used for an increased risk analysis. Sembach intends to act on this suggestion until the recertification audit next year.

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