Decorative objects

Aesthetic design with Technical Ceramics


Ceramics are high-performance materials that can be used not only for technological applications.

Jewelry, watches and operating elements made of zirconia prove that Technical Ceramics can be used to create decorative objects with aesthetically challenging designs. The deep black or bright white surface and exclusive haptic together with the cool, gentle feel of the material add an elegant touch to switches, buttons or bracelets.

In addition to their optic and haptic charm, Technical Ceramics are durable and long lasting. Flexible manufacturing methods, such as ceramic injection molding, enhance the creative potential of Technical Ceramics, allowing the creation of delicate outlines, complex shapes and exclusive designs for all types of jewelry.

Advantages of Technical Ceramics for decorative objects

  • High-quality material due to its distinctive appearance and haptic
  • Deep black or bright white brilliance
  • Comfortable, smooth surface
  • High degree of individuality when, for example, combined with other materials
  • High durability: scratch-proof, wear-free, temperature-resistant, chemically resistant
  • A higher net weight of the ceramic object enhances its comfortable haptic

Black gold: Jewelry made from ceramics

Zirconia is the ideal material for all types of jewelry and watches. The intense brilliance produces an elegant effect that is by no means inferior to the aesthetic appearance of precious metals. Jewelry made of high-performance ceramics has a higher degree of scratch resistance than hard metal and is easily tolerated by the human body. For this reason, jewelry made of this material is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Functionality and design is no contradiction: Ceramics for high-quality operating elements

Operating elements in cars, buttons and rotary knobs for exclusive consumer goods such as Hi-Fi units or household appliances and casings for capacitive sensors made from ceramic material are not only elegant to touch. They enhance the appearance of the whole object and protect it from wear.

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Decorative Objects
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