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Pyrostat belongs to the family of cordierite ceramics. Its porosity can be adjusted through the sintering temperatures, which are between 1,200° and 1,300° C. Pyrostat is ideally suited for applications where resistance to heat is indispensable. The material is available in three quality grades, C511, C520 and C530, guaranteeing the related thermal shock resistance.

According to DIN VDE 0335/DIN EN 60 672

  • C511 is suitable for heating elements up to 1,000° C
  • C520 is suitable for heating elements up to 1,200° C
  • C530 is suitable for heating elements up to 1,300° C

Advantages of pyrostat

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Very low defined thermal expansion
  • In conjunction with the porosity, the result is an excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Made from very economical raw materials, guaranteeing a good price-to-performance ratio

Four typical thermal products of our customers

  • Heating plates
  • Sectional radiators
  • Pipes for heating cartridges
  • Heating elements supports
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