Mechanical properties of technical ceramics


Silicon nitride is in the lead

When it comes to the mechanical properties of technical ceramics, great importance is attached to four characteristics:

  • Hardness
  • Bending strength
  • Fracture toughness
  • Abrasion resistance

Technical ceramics are basically resistant to deformation i.e. they remain stiff and stable; however, they are easily affected by possible stresses imposed on the material. Their high hardness makes them extremely resistant to wear.

Silicon nitride, a chemical compound from the group of non-oxide ceramics, is unrivaled when it comes to hardness, bending strength, fracture toughness and abrasion resistance: all respective values are in the upper level. The best possible solution is a selection of these materials that combines their properties. Only oxide ceramics alumina and zirconia can be considered equivalent materials.

Bending strength and fracture toughness are important parameters for strength assessment when calculating load-bearing components under static load, particularly when it comes to size, shape and surface of a material. Regarding this criterion, zirconia and silicon nitride are far more efficient than alumina. Silicate ceramics i.e. steatitesuperpyrostatcordierite and forsterite, show higher values but not to the same degree.

For further information please see our material data sheet.

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