Rapid Prototyping

Sophisticated geometries, small batches and prototypes made of technical ceramics


Sophisticated geometries, small batches and prototypes made of technical ceramics

In addition to the manufacture of large-batch components made of Technical Ceramics, the demand for ceramic individual pieces with complex geometries or small batches and prototypes is continuously increasing. To meet market requirements Sembach has invested in state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machines.

5-axis milling machine manufactures small, complex components

A 5-axis milling machine allows the production of small and very complex components from raw part sizes with a maximum diameter of 80 mm and maximum height of 90 mm. Raw parts with 300 x 270 x 1700 mm can also be produced using 3-axis milling.

5-axis milling is an attractive option for many customers as it opens up a variety of possibilities. Individual pieces, product samples, small batches of decorative objects with aesthetically challenging designs, prototypes for the automotive sector and many other products can be manufactured using materials such as zirconiaalumina or high-frequency steatite.

Multidimensional milling

5-axis milling technology allows unequaled precision and achieves particularly small component tolerances.

The workpiece can be moved not only in the three directions in space, but two additional axes allow almost unlimited flexibility. A single clamping allows easy production of particularly sophisticated geometries.

CAD import accelerates order processing

Of course, the state-of-the-art technology allows CAD data to be imported and processed. Sembach provides all common CAD interfaces to ensure smooth machine loading. This contributes to a significant acceleration in the processing of orders. The workpiece can be quickly manufactured and then subjected to an extensive quality control which checks if all requirements and dimensions have been considered. The products are then ready to leave the factory and be delivered to the customer.

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