Bosch Supplier Award

Sembach wins Bosch Supplier Award


Quality, pricing, reliability, technology and continous improvement – these are the criteria that the technology and service company Bosch values in its supplier Sembach. The company from Lauf, Germany received the “Bosch Supplier Award 2009/2010” in the Category “Materials & Components” at an award ceremony in 2011.

Sembach is the first European ceramics manufacturer to receive the Bosch Supplier Award. At the award ceremony in Stuttgart, Martin Sembach said proudly: “This award is a great honor for our company and a high recognition of the service we offer.”

Sembach is in good company with 60 other award winners from all over the world that deliver construction materials, such as electronic components, mechanical and electro-mechanical components, commodities, operating materials, services and machines to Bosch.

Bosch has been awarding its international supplier award in seven categories every two years since 1987.

Preferred partner to the automotive industry

Over the years, Sembach has earned a good reputation in the automotive sector. The company produces approx. 400 million components annually for the automotive industry with a failure rate in the very low ppm range. The best-selling products are components for Lambda probes. Managing Director Martin Sembach adds: “Ceramic from Sembach is most certainly used in more than half of all Lambda probes worldwide.”

Sembach receives the Bosch Supplier Award:

Dr. Karl Nowak (President of the corporate sector Purchasing and Logistics at Bosch)
Martin Sembach (Managing Director Sembach Technical Ceramics)
Alexander Schönherger (Head of Customer Center, Sembach Technical Ceramics)
Alfons Lesch (Vice President of the corporate sector Purchasing Material and Components at Bosch)


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