Finishing of ceramic components


Ceramic components are subject to 30 % linear shrinkage during firing. As a result, close tolerances cannot be achieved immediately. This requires intense machine finishing of the fired ceramics.

Hard machining

When it comes to precision, hard machining meets these high requirements and achieves dimensions in the 1/1000 mm range!

Since ceramic is extremely hard – Al2O3 is almost as hard as diamond – only the hardest materials can be used for grinding. Diamond disks or pastes are primarily used; corundum, silicium carbide and boron carbide are also suitable.


Surface quality of ceramic products is decisive when it comes to functionality, durability and appearance. Therefore, some of the technical products from Sembach are glazed.

Glazes provide effective protection particularly from mechanical impact and contamination.

With respect to appearance: In addition to our white and colorless glazes, we offer a variety of colors that fulfill customer and product specifications. They ensure attractive and unique products in accordance with design and corporate specifications.

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