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Cordierite is convincing because of  its particularly advantageous temperature properties. The material comprises natural raw materials such as soapstone, clay, kaolin, corundum or mullite and is resistant to the effects of heat. Cordierite is fired at temperatures ranging from 1,300° to 1,400° C.

Material properties in accordance with DIN VDE 0335/DIN EN 60 672 confirm

  • Very low  thermal expansion
  • Very high resistance to thermal shock
  • Good insulation properties
  • Minimal shrinkage, allowing good dimensional stability
  • Made from very economical raw materials, guaranteeing a good price-to-performance ratio

Typical applications

  • Spark protection plates
  • Expansion bars for thermostats
  • Burner nozzles for car supplementary heating systems
  • Heating elements support for sophisticated thermal applications
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