Oskar Sembach - developer of the dry pressing method


As a 4th and 5th generation family-owned company, we specialize in the manufacture of Technical Ceramics and are among international market leaders in this field.

The beginnings of Sembach GmbH & Co. KG date back to the year 1904. Oskar Sembach founded the company and played a major role in developing the highly productive dry pressing method. He founded the Speckstein Steatit Gesellschaft on March 04, 1904 in Lauf a.d. Pegnitz, Germany. The foundation for a modern steatite industry was laid, opening up new possibilities for this young branch of industry that had not previously been imagined. Thus, Oskar Sembach marked the beginning of the Technical Ceramics industry in Lauf a. d. Pegnitz.

Successful and sustainable partnerships are based on a high degree of specialist expertise. We have consistently worked to build up this knowledge. As a medium-sized company we have around 220 employees at present.We have continually extended our competence. In over 100 years and across fifth generations.

That is why there is such a demand for our innovations.

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