Occupational Safety

Occupational safety management - based on safety and health protection

DIN ISO 45001

In a competitive market, customers require well-calculated prices, convenient service and reliability from their suppliers. A reliable product is functional, available and safe. Companies meet these requirements with the help of competent employees and the provision of a safe workplace. Health protection in the workplace, accident prevention and unit safety are the basis for this. These aspects therefore make up the fundamental objective of our company.

A health and occupational safety management system such as DIN ISO 45001 creates the framework for determination and elimination of dangers for health and safety in the workplace, avoids reduced capacities and downtimes due to accidents or other incidents and guarantees compliance to legal provisions.

Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 45001

Since 2007, we have been certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001. We migrated to DIN ISO 45001 in 2019. The principles of this standard result in our measures for health protection and safety in the workplace and are included in our occupational safety guidelines that you can download from our media center. An important part of these guidelines is that all executives keep to legal provisions and corporate specifications for occupational safety, setting a good example for our employees.

Benefits from our occupational safety management system

  • Reduction of accidents
  • Reduction of downtimes and minimizing related costs
  • Rise in efficiency and employee satisfaction
DIN ISO 45001
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