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Ceramic injection molding (CIM)


Ceramic injection molding (CIM)

Advanced ceramic injection molding (CIM) offers constructive advantages and is also economically attractive. This is a good starting point to meet the increasing application-specific requirements for products, such as higher operating temperatures or more complex component geometries and, at the same time, lower tolerances with ceramic injection molding. This versatility makes this method highly attractive.

Ceramic injection molding for shaping of complex geometries

When it comes to production processes, ceramic injection molding (CIM) offers maximum flexibility with regard to shaping. Only ceramic injection molding allows direct shaping of complex component geometries with threads, undercuts, or angle drill holes. No other shaping method can offer this.

Miniaturization: smaller construction areas

The market requires miniaturization, another advantage of ceramic injection molding. Ceramic injection molding offers lightweight components, smallest component tolerances and highest accuracy of repetition in the three directions to meet the requirements for smaller construction areas with best possible weight savings and maximum functionality.

Ceramic injection molding is essential for shaping of challenging products

Still, ceramic injection molding is essential when manufacturing complex components. The strength of the CIM process can be seen when it comes to manufacturing very small, delicate parts with complex structures. Today, injection molded ceramic parts are used in the automotive industry as well as the paper and textile industries.

Ceramic injection molding is cost-efficient

Although the technical effort required for the CIM process is sometimes somewhat higher than for comparable methods using different materials, the production process shows that integral costs are much lower along the entire value chain. Injection molded workpieces made of Technical Ceramics are cost-effective, high-precision parts. In construction, ceramic injection molding offers significantly higher flexibility. Quality features such as very smooth surface structures speak for themselves.

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