Decorative properties of technical ceramics


Technical ceramics are ideal not only for technological applications – the wear-resistant high-performance material scores with its excellent decorative properties.

This applies to a variety of objects, such as light switches with aesthetical designs, operating buttons on your Hi-Fi unit and bright white or deep black shiny bracelets. Zirconia is an inorganic, non-metal compound and is often the basis because it is resistant to acids and alkaline solutions thus showing highest corrosion resistance. Zirconia is also highly resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical influences.

Distinctive appearance and haptic Watches and jewelry made of sparkling zirconia are usually convincing due to:

  • High-quality: haptic and appearance beyond common standards
  • Durability: objects are temperature-resistant, wear-free, scratch-free
  • Customized design: unique pieces to suit your individual style combining different materials or using laser engraving
  • Physical compatibility: products are suitable for allergy sufferers

There are many other examples of unlimited applications using technical ceramics with aesthetic design, such as high-quality and elegant housings or operating elements in vehicles or household appliances.

Please see our material data sheet for further information.

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